December 3, 2022

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Blueprint to Self-Discovery

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Blueprint to Self-Discovery | Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

Luciana Jury | Blueprint to Self-Discovery I Have you ever felt the need to change yourself or your situation many times in your quest to find the recipe for success? Or maybe you have always envisioned yourself in a different line of work, but have never been able to figure out what else to modify to achieve the contentment that you seek? Only by realizing how to make the necessary changes in your life can you begin to learn who you truly are. So how do you create the blueprint to reveal the whole picture of yourself?

Although there are various ways toward self-discovery, journaling would have to be one of the most effective and worthwhile methods. Writing in a diary has helped many people learn more about themselves. It leads one to inner peace and contentment.  We may say that journal writing is a powerful way to let out pent-up emotions, whether they be positive or negative feelings. It helps one reflect and be able to make choices by evaluating oneself and the situations one is in. The field of psychology has also revealed that keeping a journal greatly improves a person’s mood, too. You can easily find resources that show you the proper ways of journaling to maximize its benefits in your life.

In addition to recording your daily thoughts and feelings in your journal, try to create lists. Make a list of all the activities you enjoy doing. Write about situations, occurrences, or feelings that you find particularly enjoyable. When writing about your passions and interest, be sure to also include the emotions attached to these.

Jot down thoughts and ideas that keep you awake at the wee hours of the night. Include your emotions that are related to these pursuits once again. Create a list of all the things you wished you could do as a kid. Ponder on them and even consider the joy of doing these things if given the chance. You can also write down the names of people whom you would want to follow. Describe the ideal qualities and characteristics you hope to emulate.

Put in your journal the names of the destinations you’d want to explore. You should record your impressions from previous visits if you have any. To help you reach your goals, it might be helpful to record your thoughts and feelings about the things you hope to accomplish and how you might feel once you have succeeded. Last but not least, write your thoughts on how you would feel if you knew tomorrow would be your last.

Journaling about all these experiences will help you feel more whole.  As you continue writing, you will be surprised to see your life’s blueprint unfolding and to discover your truest self.