December 3, 2022

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Win the Morning, Win the Day

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Win the Morning, Win the Day | Photo by Anna Tarazevich

Luciana Jury | Win the Morning, Win the Day | The quote “If you win the morning, you win the day” was popularized by Tim Ferriss, an entrepreneur, and best-selling author. He wrote this after having spoken with a wide range of highly successful individuals, including billionaires, professional sports athletes, and Hollywood celebrities, and discussed with them their morning routine. 

He shares with us in his book “Tools of Titans” that he himself has adopted his own powerful morning routine.  He says, “If I hit three out of five, I consider myself having won the morning.” 

Here are the five things he recommends that we do in order to win the morning:

  1. Make your bed. The ritual of making your bed in the morning is a way to prepare for the myriad of uncertainties that the day has in store. It gives a sense of being in charge of your life. “At least it gives me the feeling, even in a disastrous day, that I’ve held on to the cliff ledge by a fingernail and I haven’t fallen. There is at least one thing I’ve controlled,” writes Feriss.
  2. Meditate. More than 80% of the successful individuals interviewed by Ferriss regularly practice meditation.  By doing so, you’re practicing focus, which you need for every task that you want to succeed in– even in relating with your loved ones or colleagues. For those beginners in meditating, Ferriss suggests downloading one of several meditation apps (including Headspace and Calm) or listening to a guided meditation through podcasts
  3. Move your body.  Ferris does a daily rep of pushups, but you can choose a simple exercise that you know you can stick with. This is not the regular workout you do for fitness– its main purpose is to wake you up and make you alert and ready to seize the day. 
  4. Drink up. He recommends taking a cup of tea with some coconut oil.  It’s to help your body prime itself for the day.
  5. Journal. Writing down your thoughts clears up your mind early in the day and gives you focus on what you intend to achieve. Ferris also strongly suggests writing about what you are grateful for. Doing so also preps you emotionally and psychologically, making you open to attracting good things.  

You may have your own version of how to “win the morning” based on different values. Spend some time experimenting with various activities that you would like to try including in your own morning routine in order to “win the day,” and ultimately, win your life.