December 3, 2022

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The Power of Meditation for a Positive Lifestyle

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The Power of Meditation for a Positive Lifestyle | Photo by Pixabay

Luciana Jury | The Power of Meditation for a Positive Lifestyle | People used to be skeptical of practices like meditation and yoga because they seemed out of the ordinary and even a little occult. Some people wrongly assumed that only adherents of a Asian mysticism practiced yoga and meditation. Some others said they were overrated and would never provide the outcomes they promised, despite all the publicity. 

Today, however, many people have realized the physical benefits of yoga and meditation. Together, they have been shown to have many health benefits by even the medical community. The combination of the two has been linked to improved physical health in several studies. The relaxation techniques in these practices help alleviate chronic physical pain, including lower back pain, arthritis, headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome.  Furthermore, they can also help lessen sleeplessness.

Yoga and meditation can also enhance physical wellness by easing cardiac pressure. As the heart has to work harder to pump blood over time, high blood pressure can impair heart health. According to studies, several meditation techniques improved blood pressure.  Improvement in circulation and blood flow also results in the elimination of toxins and waste afflicting one’s body. In certain instances, consistent yoga and meditation practices are even capable of curing certain disorders.

Aside from physical well-being, one may also gain mental strength and control with regular yoga practice. How? When you meditate, your mind calms down and you enter a state of mental disassociation. Any anxious ideas that may be plaguing your mind are dispelled. It thus lightens your mental load. Yet at the same time, yoga stimulates the brain. It produces mindfulness in a person, putting a fresh and broader angle to how you perceive life. This allows you to see the bigger picture, and might help you deal with mundane tasks more effectively.

Once a person has matured in their practice of yoga, meditation, and visualization, the difference is striking. Your way of thinking will shift, and it will lead you to have increased creativity and energy. In time, mental blocks won’t be a problem– your mind will easily find inspiration. Because of this, you’ll begin to approach life in a whole new way. Your potential for growth will escalate. You will be filled with motivation, enabling you to handle any challenges life throws at you with ease. And in most cases, you will develop better solutions to your problems.

With all those positive impacts of yoga and meditation, what reason is there not to give it a try? Go ahead and give it a shot!