December 3, 2022

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Connecting to and Knowing Your True Self

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Connecting to and Knowing Your True Self | Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

Luciana Jury | Connecting to and Knowing Your True Self | Understanding who you truly are could be quite challenging. It requires having an awareness of your own goals, your feelings, and even the ideals that you hold spiritually.  It also means being aware of the most effective ways by which to achieve the life that you desire. Discovering one’s true self is the path to inner peace, joy, and contentment in life. 

To know yourself better, a primary task is to examine your soul’s deepest needs. It is a universal truth that we are not only physical beings but spiritual beings in physical bodies. And it has been widely believed and accepted that the soul lives on even after the body dies; in fact, it lives for the rest of eternity.  This implies that we have to give the proper attention that our souls require.  Doing so will propel us to the road of self-discovery.

One should make it a goal to be in touch with oneself at all times, rather than always giving in to external distractions.  When we give in to distractions– which we often do– it usually leads to even greater demands of our attention that is not in line with our true life purpose. When our main focus is on gratifying our physical demands, we tend to lose our sense of true identity.  An effective method to connect with oneself is through meditation. It is a technique that has been proven by science to have the potential to lead our minds and bodies into a state of having a better perception of who we are.

Our relationship with others is also a window into our souls.  When we are drawn to individuals by what we admire about them– these are glimpses of our ideals.  Even when their character or personality could be so different from ours, our desire to be with them says something about our own needs. A close look into our human relationships will reveal a lot of things about ourselves. 

Lastly, if we truly aspire for self-discovery, we need to be passionate about life.  With this is the duty to broaden one’s perspective on life and its many facets. When we are devoted to truly living, we focus on things that matter, such as values of honesty, loyalty, and sacrificial love. It is in loving people and making them happy that we find real joy in life, and thus discover our true selves.

A meaningful and fulfilling existence begins with an awareness of who you are. And the more you commit to discovering life, the more you connect to your true self.